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The reinterpretation of the ” savoir faire ” of the tailoring …


Original, the deepest essence within the world of tailoring and fabrics. Fresh Cotton, a breath of fresh casual air. They are the new perfumes for the man of Macson, reference mark in the world of the masculine fashion. Aromatic and woody fragrances that play with the concepts of tradition and modernity as a reflection of their British style and patterns.


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Fougere Woody Citric


Essential , celebrates the authenticity, vitality and deepest roots of the man who navigates equally between the traditional and the novel. Essential combines citrus chords that contrast with oriental notes to achieve harmony. Its fresh output stimulantly links the ozon and citrus notes with lavender and spices.



Ozone notes, nutmeg and citrus

Heart :

Ozone notes, Lavender and Clove


Amber, Cedar and Sandalwood


Chypre Leathery Citrus


Captivating, mysterious, elegant and enigmatic: Macson’s man becomes mysterious and nocturnal to conquer his space. Black Leather is a sober and unique fragrance that redefines once again the masculinity according to Macson of a seductive man who lets himself be seduced.

Its floral heart maintains its importance, and accompanied by the seductive power of leather and amber, they bring that velvety but very masculine aura. The elegant leather shines with its natural and distinctive appearance.



Bergamot, Lemon, Pineapple


Jasmine, Rosewood, Ylang-Ylang


Amber, Blond Woods, Leather


Aromatic Woody


Its elegance is that of a suit made with care; Each chord of the fragrance is a part of this costume that combines the delicacy of flowers with the power of seduction.Its aromatic structure mixes the traditional with the new.

Macson reflects in his new fragrance the patterns of his creations in the search for excellence. It is a tribute to the sophistication, elegance and camaraderie of a true gentleman.


Head : Lemon, Nutmeg and Cinnamon.

Heart : Galbanum, Ylang and Jasmine.

Base : Amber, Cedar and Musk.


Woody Aromatic Fougere


Inspired by a fresh world of evasion and freedom, Fresh Cotton is a cosmopolitan perfume. Its versatile aroma adapts to all types of situations and men of any age.It plays with the concepts of tradition and modernity, presenting itself as a traditional and safe choice for its masculine, refined and balanced character without ever falling into a classic or conservative stereotype.


Head : Grapefruit, Tangerine and Mint Leaves.

Heart : Jasmine, Violet Leaves, Incense and Moscow Nut.

Base : Amber, Cedar and Vetiver.

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